Rumors About Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen, who is now 57 years old, is a pastor and TV evangelist based in Houston Texas. As his father also used to be a pastor, Joel decided to follow clerical career as well. The very first sermon was established back in 1999. At the moment, Joel Osteen runs the Lakewood Church. Back in old days it was located in an unused grocery store. Nowadays, Joel is a successful clergyman and a happy family man. His weekly sermons gather at the church 43 000 visitors and is watched by at least 13 million families around the States. For more than two dozens of years, Joel Osteen captivated both suppoters and depreciators with his magnetic Christian evangelism. However, due to tarnished famr of dishonored TV evangelists, the household had to spend most of its career overcoming slanders about a private life and Joel Osteen break up. People were always interested in what happens when Joel did not read inspirational sermons. We decided to find out if there was any truth in the gossip that Joel Osteen decided to break up with his beloved wife Victoria Osteen.

Rumors About Joel Osteen Divorce: Are They True?

Joel Osteen has been together with his wife Victoria for more than twenty-five years already. She is not only his wife, but a responsible partner of a family business as well. The couple originally met back in 1985. Victoria Osteen is his colleague at Lakewood Church and in 2003 she also established the Lakewood Women’s Department. The family has got two offsprings: a boy Jonathan and a girl Alexandra Osteen. Despite gossips, that Joel Osteen is getting a divorce, Victoria has been devoted to her husband for more than three decades already. It turned out, that the narrative about Joel and Victoria Osteen’s divorce was just unconfirmed rumors. In his interviews, Joel Osteen reveals the reason behind his divorce. It might be just a misunderstanding, because of a post in Osteen’s blog, called “Let Go of the Ashes”, written in 2014. The pastor claimed there: “Do not waste your life in cruel and desperate way, because of the relationship that did not develop. It’s time to dispel these ashes. If you have experienced a divorce, release it, you will be granted with someone much better in the future.” Osteen’s words were disliked by some conservative followers who did not support the idea of a divorce at all. They suggested that he might not have been happy in his own family life. “Why did Joel Osteen get a divorce” was asking each Victoria’s follower. Certainly, that was far away from truth. The reality is that Osteen is not an individual to rope on offence and penalization

in his sermons. Everyone who takes a look at either of Joel’s or Victoria’s social media accounts, quickly understands that the couple still remains united and loves each other as much as ever before.

Joel Osteen Is Not Necessarily Against Divorce

Being a charismatic Christian evangelist, Joel Osteen caused lots of rumors within his suppoters and depreciators. Despite the provocative plot of a “Let Go of the Ashes” sermon, Joel Osteen did not really want everybody to divorce. Slightest misunderstandings within the family relationships are not a reason to break lives. Joel insists that everyone faces problems in a private life. If you want to deal with it and overcome everything, just change your life views, but not destroy relations. You may be successful in other areas, but problems in family life keep you upset and not understanding, why God allows this in your life. Joel Osteen’s attitude to divorce is simple: change your thinking and do not let negative thoughts ruin your family life. God does not always immediately remove problems from our lives. People need to learn to live side by side with them and be happy. Remember, that a person always lives according to the mood that is in his heart and head. Joel Osteen insists: if you believe in God, try to live a pure and dignified life.

Final Thoughts About Joel Osteen Divorce

For many years, the couple of Joel and Victoria faced misunderstandings and they certainly did have quarrels. However, there was never any place for speculation about divorce or separation. Joel Osteen’s marriage and family life in the past have undergone veryvery cutting scrutiny. Our survey did not bring any breaking news on family probems and thus there are no reasons to claim, that a family is going to divorce. Victoria Osteen once sincerely mentioned, regarding her family life, claiming that both of them had to learn to adapt to each. She does not want to change anything. Joel and Victoria’s daily choices help to build their family life on never-ending love and trust to each other.

By Ethan Moore

Ethan Moore, crypto and stock trader since 2012. Co-founder of Blockwatch experts team.

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